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Questions for Sell My Land Fast North Carolina

Do you pay fair prices for land?

 Yes. The prices we pay are fair and a win-win for both parties. We do not pay retail, however, that cost can be made up when you factor in the fact that we charge ZERO in commissions, plus we pick up all associated administrative and closing costs. In addition, we close very quickly because we are paying in cash. This saves you money by shortening the period of time in which you are responsible for taxes, assessments, and maintenance of the property.  Remember, the land market is very slow, selling the traditional way, and using a realtor to find a buyer can take months, if not longer. Costs incurred over this time can add up fast. Before binding yourself to a realtor, get our offer and run the numbers for yourself. There is zero obligation.

How do you determine how much to offer for a parcel of land?

Our process is very clear and straight forward. We look at what other properties are selling for, and what the market suggests they will do in the future. We take out what was paid in commission and fees on these comparable properties to get a price on which we base our offer. In addition, we calculate the market there is for land of this type and the amount of marketing resources we’ll need to put into the transaction to re-sell your property to an end buyer. Finally, we look at our profit margin. We earn a fair profit for this service and want you to walk away knowing that you reached your goals.  When you get an offer from North Carolina Land Investors, we will fully explain how we have come up with it.

Are there ANY hidden costs or fees?

Never. Not a dime. What we offer you is what you will take home.

What makes you different from an agent?

We are direct buyers. We buy land that is not being used in an effort to help it see it’s greatest potential. Let’s say a lot is located in suburbia. We will hopefully resell the lot to someone who is just waiting to build their dream house on it. Our goal is to help property owners feel elated by their real estate decisions. If you do have a piece of land that is doing nothing for you, maybe we can help you with the cash to find something better suited for YOUR needs.  Real estate agents list properties (often at inflated prices) in hopes that someone will buy them, and they will get their hefty commission. You will have to sign a contract, binding you to them for a certain amount of time. You will own them their commission no matter how the property is sold, even if you find the buyer yourself.

When I Get An Offer, Is There an Obligation?

There is never any obligation or hassle. Once you tell us a little about your property, we will then study the market and comparable properties. Within 48 hours we will have an offer for you. It is completely up to you if you decide to sell or not. There is no risk, obligation or hassle.

Who buys land in NC?

sellmylandfastnorthcarolina.com was chosen as our web domain name for a reason. We are a team of highly capable all cash buyers ready to purchase land in all conditions across North Carolina. Trust our team at North Carolina Land Investors to provide you with the best cash offer.

What is the fastest way to sell the land?

Selling North Carolina property through the normal process of a real estate agent can be time consuming and contracts can fall through. We believe the quickest and easiest way to sell your property is to our team of cash land investors.

Who pays closing costs?

At North Carolina Land Investors, we pay closing costs associated with attorney fees, and title searches. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you to sell your North Carolina property.

What if there are back taxes on the property?

North Carolina Land Investors are able to solve issues related to back taxes on the land involved in the cash sale.

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